Tuesday, November 5, 2013

International fun

We recently went to Toronto for a rugby match.  The Maori All Blacks vs Toronto.  Going in to Ontario we were asked

  1. how many are you
  2. why are you coming to canada
  3. where are you going
  4. where are you staying
  5. how long will you be here
  6. do you have any fire arms
I was sitting in the back seat and we were not asked to lower the window.  We were not asked if we had any food products. We were there for part of 4 days and 3 nights.  They rugby match was awesome, NZ won 40-15.

While there we purchased candy, milk in a bag, cheese, bran cereal, fibre bars, whipped honey, and maple syrup.
The guard asked us coming back to 
  1. lower the back window
  2. why were you in canada
  3. how long were you there
  4. what did you bring back
  5. what kind of snacks
  6. doesn't your son have a passport
  7. why didnt you just bring the expired passport for him it would have been easier to read than this birth certificate and student id
  8. what else did you bring back
  9. i can't understand the lady what is she saying
  10. what kind of groceries 
The guard's tone was totally rude and dismissive.  This happens EVERY single time we or anyone we know has crossed the border into Canada.  It's much more peaceful to enter Canada from the US.  The return trip is a nightmare because you never know what to expect as far as stupid questions.  

I find it a joke that so many people in Detroit are losing their pensions, they could hold those jobs and be pleasant doing it.  The ideal situation would be to have actual soldiers at the border.  There are so many returning vets or unemployed vets who would do a much more competent job at both the border and in airports as TSA officials.  I think the more that the US tries to crack down on all the "trafficking", "terrorism" and moronic rules about processed food, the worse the situation will get.  The easiest and most sure way to get a child to do the wrong thing is to tell it not to do that.  The child then wants to push the boundaries.  At least my inner child does.  

I'm probably not the best example of a Mom, my son pushes boundaries too, but darn it; we think for ourselves and draw our own conclusions.  

Please don't tell me I can't bring back milk in a bag....i will find a way.  

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