Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hatred and disgust

I am a bit full of hatred right now.  Nothing makes a Mother hate more than seeing her child hurt, being called a liar, being bullied and being rejected......especially at the hands of an adult professing to really care about children.

That happened twice in the past month.  I am done.  I am half convinced that we are indeed in the tribulation.  I am disgusted watching liars, cheats and fakes win especially at the expense of another child and his reputation.  This can only be the tribulation where nastiness seems to win out over goodness.

I am fed up with schools, the school system is flat out broken.  I am so thankful to not be a teenager today or in any school for that matter.  I consistently see the liars, the cheaters, the bullies winning and I hate it.  I truly hate it.  It is disgusting for me to see someone push around a girl, lie, cheat and steal; yet when administrators are confronted with proof of this parents and student's are called liars, "that person has a 4.0 they would never do that!",  "I know that person's parent's they would never do that", "they wouldn't do that, I haven't seen any evidence that they would"  Bear in mind all these episodes have been witnessed by parents or other students and reported.

What a way to enforce the rules and create a bond of trust in branding the person who brings the ugly truth to light, a liar.

May all of you who subscribe to the belief that such and so child is blameless because of what you think you know about them or their parents rot in an eternal pit of your own stupidity.

I can't judge anyone, it's not my place, but you reap what you sow and you are surrounding yourselves with monsters.  I hope the light from it reaches those people some day soon before they destroy any more trust.

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