Monday, July 21, 2014

The new spoon theory.....

Most people with chronic pain or illness are very familiar with the spoon theory as written here;

Spoon Theory

I have a new spoon theory which has nothing to do with pain, or any form of illness.  I am calling it "16 spoons where the hell are you?"

For the past two weeks we have experienced a dearth of spoons in the house.  We weren't using them for dinner because they weren't there.  We were barely able to scare up three for cereal on a lazy night.  We were down to using plastic spoons, of course those were depleted too due to the dearth of metal spoons.

We got serious about spoon finding on Sunday.  We scoured the house top to bottom.  2 were found in my bathroom.  My son and I had yogurt one evening in bed.  One was found in my son's bathroom in a bowl of cereal he'd left in the sink.  Approximately 10 were found in his bedroom and his game room.  As of this writing 16 spoons are nestled into the silverware drawer in the kitchen.  We had no issue with forks.  I am not certain why this was only limited to spoons.  I am blaming the Super Golden Crisp he has recently discovered.  That stuff can make a kid do crazy things, like use every single spoon in the house yet have no recollection that any spoons have been used.  How he drew an utter blank on the spoons is beyond me.  We sent him daily to gather all the dishes from upstairs.  I think he has dish/mess/trash blindness.  How my husband and I BOTH missed the two spoons in the upstairs bathroom is beyond me also.  Can we too have spoon blindness?

I wonder if spoon man came to visit if he would leave us a few dozen spoons so that we can make it a week without scrambling for spoons?