Thursday, December 29, 2011

And no one cried

Christmas morning dawned with trepidation....would my surly little son think mom....umm Santa, had chosen the worst airsoft sniper rifle on the face of the planet?  Would it be ok?  Would the neighbor children tease him?  Would he be a moron and jam sticks in the barrel?
We tortured him first with the opening of 'twisted parent gifts'  day of the week socks, a shower curtain, a bag of grapefruits, 2 video games with fake-out covers.  Something along the lines of ....'Virtual Hairbraiding!!  Compete alone or in teams to create the most outlandish, or classic prom hair ever!!  Choose from categories or go freestyle, but will your style pass the wind, rain and dance all night tests??'....we have so much fun disguising the things he does get.
Eventually he found the rifle.  It's been 4 days since far, the children like it, my son hasn't destroyed it, or eaten the expensive plastic pellets.  I think they did break some with a hammer (boy tests I guess, girls just chew on things....or at least I did....probably why people didn't let me play with their Barbies when I was little....I digress) I say this because I found a hammer, 2 types of pellets and silent cooperation.  The boys NEVER agree or are silent unless something is going down!  Generally a parent is being plotted against, just before the child regime takes over amid a cacophony of "gosh!"..."wooooow!"...."oh she conveniently doesn't remember!!"  Along with other such slappable phrases....all children aside from the sobbing one who lives here are then sent home so we, as parents,  are able to more fully focus on ruining his young little life.....
Ok MAJOR digression.  I'm doing this entry on my phone and can't really read back...he tells me it was something about my promising him he never had to study again, or do chores...oh that can't be right!  He is supposed to do chores AND study!
The rifle!!  Yes!  It's been 4 days and he still likes it.  I think this is a record.    :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Complicated Lives....30

A complicated holiday

When people have complicated lives holiday's are never easy.  Someone gets drunk, someone is pregnant by their cousin or are unsure who they may be pregnant by, or aren't really sure but they are sure enough to evoke a proposal of marriage from the suspected potential father...Or someone is kept in perpetual childhood

This is a complicated Christmas

Travel with me back to 1980

I was 10.  Most girls this age were well on their way to becoming delightfully trashy with the glossy lips and Jordache Jeans, Calvin Klein's or Sergio Valente jeans.  They were beginning to wear real cologne, like Charlie and Le Jardin.  They used real powder such as Jean Nate powder and body splash.  They used hair spray and designer hair combs, earrings with hearts and they wore black!!!

 What did I get for Christmas??

Tinkerbell powder
Tinkerbell perfume
Tinkerbell lip gloss
Tinkerbell nail polish
Tinkerbell cologne
Tinkerbell bubble bath

This is what some of those looked like........

 Absolutely NO WAY  I could be trashy with this stuff!!

Next we will cover Barbies!!!

I got the:
Barbie Dream House
Barbie Dream Pool
Barbie Corvette (mine was red with T one fit in it)
Barbie Styling Head (yes head)
Golden Dream Barbie
Magic Curl Barbie
Beauty Secrets Barbie
Hispanic Barbie
Sport and Shave Ken
Barbie luggage set
Beauty, Barbie's Afghan Hound
Barbie Baby

Here are photos of those gems!!!

 My grandma got
Jean Nate powder and body splash.
 Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in butterfly pink and Ming Rose
Enjoli perfume

I think there was GREAT disparity in gift giving. At the time I had no idea why I got so many things or WHY I got so many Barbie related things at 10!!  Looking back I know now, it was because my Grandma was trying to keep me a child forever.   1980 was the year I found out my Aunt Effie was my Mom, my cousin was my sister and my Mama was my Grandma.  I think she was trying to undo this, or fix it.  Perhaps she was trying to make up for the house clean out Aunt Effie did.  She threw away baby powder boxes from the early 70's I don't think we needed those anymore...BUT she threw out the black berries Daddy picked in 1974.   Mama tried to turn back time.  Thankfully I got these toys at such a late age, I was able to donate them to some wonderful children who really needed them 2 years later.  Barbie's the gift that keeps on giving!!!  At least the ones back then.

Oh I forgot the holly hobbie camera!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's dark in here....

Ok, still on a break from my complicated lives.  I'm actually a bit complicated myself right now. 

This hopefully won't be one of those depressive woe is me posts...but....

It's been a heck of a year. 

I'm in a "really introspective phase"  in normal human terms...that means "I'm in a bit of a depression". 

Life is worries!  I'm simply finding it hard to engage in conversation.  Focus on things for long.  I'm needing sleep but not finding it.  I may not be as chipper or communicative as I generally am.  When I do emerge from my cave there are usually snide comments and acerbic wit.  Ok, so I close off and act a bit surly. 

A lot of things hit the fan all at once and I'm taking a step back to watch life until I get my bearings again.  I had something fun planned in mid Dec, but I think I have to cancel my plans.  Hmmm no, I'm not having "those thoughts"  it's hard to be "with it" some days.

It's also hard to talk about, especially when I have no idea what I feel.

Rhapsody in Blue?? 

Perhaps I'll listen to a twisted Christmas song.  I can't handle deep meaning now.  Mary Did You Know will push me over the edge....but Dominic the Donkey can carry me back.


Living in a flash and a rainbow...I know the spark is out there