Monday, December 12, 2011

Complicated Lives....30

A complicated holiday

When people have complicated lives holiday's are never easy.  Someone gets drunk, someone is pregnant by their cousin or are unsure who they may be pregnant by, or aren't really sure but they are sure enough to evoke a proposal of marriage from the suspected potential father...Or someone is kept in perpetual childhood

This is a complicated Christmas

Travel with me back to 1980

I was 10.  Most girls this age were well on their way to becoming delightfully trashy with the glossy lips and Jordache Jeans, Calvin Klein's or Sergio Valente jeans.  They were beginning to wear real cologne, like Charlie and Le Jardin.  They used real powder such as Jean Nate powder and body splash.  They used hair spray and designer hair combs, earrings with hearts and they wore black!!!

 What did I get for Christmas??

Tinkerbell powder
Tinkerbell perfume
Tinkerbell lip gloss
Tinkerbell nail polish
Tinkerbell cologne
Tinkerbell bubble bath

This is what some of those looked like........

 Absolutely NO WAY  I could be trashy with this stuff!!

Next we will cover Barbies!!!

I got the:
Barbie Dream House
Barbie Dream Pool
Barbie Corvette (mine was red with T one fit in it)
Barbie Styling Head (yes head)
Golden Dream Barbie
Magic Curl Barbie
Beauty Secrets Barbie
Hispanic Barbie
Sport and Shave Ken
Barbie luggage set
Beauty, Barbie's Afghan Hound
Barbie Baby

Here are photos of those gems!!!

 My grandma got
Jean Nate powder and body splash.
 Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in butterfly pink and Ming Rose
Enjoli perfume

I think there was GREAT disparity in gift giving. At the time I had no idea why I got so many things or WHY I got so many Barbie related things at 10!!  Looking back I know now, it was because my Grandma was trying to keep me a child forever.   1980 was the year I found out my Aunt Effie was my Mom, my cousin was my sister and my Mama was my Grandma.  I think she was trying to undo this, or fix it.  Perhaps she was trying to make up for the house clean out Aunt Effie did.  She threw away baby powder boxes from the early 70's I don't think we needed those anymore...BUT she threw out the black berries Daddy picked in 1974.   Mama tried to turn back time.  Thankfully I got these toys at such a late age, I was able to donate them to some wonderful children who really needed them 2 years later.  Barbie's the gift that keeps on giving!!!  At least the ones back then.

Oh I forgot the holly hobbie camera!!


Anonymous said...

I love you!

Eve said...

Merry Christmas Vicki! What a story you have! It is crazy, but you came through. You're a strong person. I love the photos of the old stuff...I had Charlie cologne! And I remember my mom having Jean Nate powder. It's weird how the shaving Ken looks kind of like Andy Gibb!