Thursday, December 29, 2011

And no one cried

Christmas morning dawned with trepidation....would my surly little son think mom....umm Santa, had chosen the worst airsoft sniper rifle on the face of the planet?  Would it be ok?  Would the neighbor children tease him?  Would he be a moron and jam sticks in the barrel?
We tortured him first with the opening of 'twisted parent gifts'  day of the week socks, a shower curtain, a bag of grapefruits, 2 video games with fake-out covers.  Something along the lines of ....'Virtual Hairbraiding!!  Compete alone or in teams to create the most outlandish, or classic prom hair ever!!  Choose from categories or go freestyle, but will your style pass the wind, rain and dance all night tests??'....we have so much fun disguising the things he does get.
Eventually he found the rifle.  It's been 4 days since far, the children like it, my son hasn't destroyed it, or eaten the expensive plastic pellets.  I think they did break some with a hammer (boy tests I guess, girls just chew on things....or at least I did....probably why people didn't let me play with their Barbies when I was little....I digress) I say this because I found a hammer, 2 types of pellets and silent cooperation.  The boys NEVER agree or are silent unless something is going down!  Generally a parent is being plotted against, just before the child regime takes over amid a cacophony of "gosh!"..."wooooow!"...."oh she conveniently doesn't remember!!"  Along with other such slappable phrases....all children aside from the sobbing one who lives here are then sent home so we, as parents,  are able to more fully focus on ruining his young little life.....
Ok MAJOR digression.  I'm doing this entry on my phone and can't really read back...he tells me it was something about my promising him he never had to study again, or do chores...oh that can't be right!  He is supposed to do chores AND study!
The rifle!!  Yes!  It's been 4 days and he still likes it.  I think this is a record.    :)


Eve said...

Hey Vicki! haha! Congrats on the kickass're so right about boys and silence! When my three were young I always knew that they were up to the worst kind of no-good when they quite making any noise at all..glad your christmas was good, hope you have an excellent new year!

Anonymous said...

You should publish least copywright it so no one else steals it and publishes it and becomes rich! Glad the child and the air rifle are still in one piece!