Friday, January 6, 2012

Trying again for the rapture

Technically I guess this year isn't supposed to be "the rapture"  it's only supposed to be the end of the world.
My plan is to do crazy crap near the supposed date of the end of the world.  If the world doesn't end at the appointed time I suppose I'll just refer any pursuing law enforcement departments or creditors to the Mayans.
I could always claim hysteria, or mania...whatever it is that overcomes people when they are told death is imminent.  Although writing this could be classified as premeditated naughtiness, or mischievousness. 
I am hoping that if the world does decide to end, that my son stops whining, griping, sassing and trying to drive me insane.   Since we'll all either be floating in rapture or hanging in limbo he won't have any reason to gripe will he?  Maybe something about "how long is the world ending supposed to last?", or "when is the rapture?"  Just in case It's only the end of the world and not the rapture, I guess I should have a snack ready.
Oh well happy belated 2012...hopefully a happy 2013 will follow...if not, just think of all the bills we'll be dodging!! 

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Eve said...

Hey Vicki! I know some people are all caught up in this end of the world thing...I believe it's just a bunch of could a civilization that lived 3000 years ago predict anything of that magnitude with such accuracy, when we modern people, with all our sattelites and radar and dopplers have a hard time predicting the weather sometimes? It's crazy..I saw a show the other day that said that some people are planning to kill themselves and their children so they don't have to go through it, some people are just nuts with fear over this thing..I think a lot of people need some heavy duty meds more than they need bunkers in the desert...I guarantee you that it will be just like Y2K, and every other end of the world prediction that has been made over the years...I know a few people who, although they're not in the crazy with fear bunch, think it might happen...for them, and because it'll be at Christmas time, I'm throwing a 'See? Nothing Happened!' party on December 22.
I do like your idea of pleading mania when the cops or the collection agencies come knocking though, that's brilliant!
Hope you're doing great and the year has been going fabulous so far...