what is a walking quad?

I have no idea but I am one.

A good description

More info if you care

Even more about the future

It is best described as an ability to walk but all 4 limbs are affected by weakness, numbness, neuropathy, etc

It also affects bowel and bladder function, the naughty bits, everything in between.

It changes who you are, the way you see things, the way you do things, the way people react to you, the way you react to your world.

For me, it has brought, pain, insomnia, weakness, tremors/clonus spasms, medications, a wheelchair, a cane, everyday feels like the flu, every thing feels heavier than it should,( limbs, objects) there are hypersensitive spots, pins and needles.....the list goes on and changes often

but none of it really changes who I ultimately am.  It just changes small things for me.

Hats off to all my fellow SCI friends and new family members.  Even if you don't recognize me formally as one of you...I still am

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