some quotes from quote garden

I've learned that grieving is a process, a continual process. We never really get over the people or the things we grieve.  

I've grieved for lost loved ones, lost pets, lost sense of self, lost childhood, lost friends, lost plans, lost relationships...etc.  They aren't really "lost" intrinsically, but rather gone from me.  Grief is not only about the coffin, the flowers and the music or a big dramatic scene.  Grief can hit you like a bolt when you least expect it and are forced to look at the way things were, and the way they now are.  Grief hides in the memories, like faded flowers pressed in a book, you open it and there they are.  Grief and loss, if you keep the flowers in the book, and remember what they were from...the first kiss, the first anniversary, the passing of a loved one, the clover you found on a great trip you took....then you have truly lost nothing. The memory remains and grief or happiness (an emotion) will fill you.  Loss is when you open the book and the faded flowers mean nothing, no recollection...just dust you throw away