Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's dark in here....

Ok, still on a break from my complicated lives.  I'm actually a bit complicated myself right now. 

This hopefully won't be one of those depressive woe is me posts...but....

It's been a heck of a year. 

I'm in a "really introspective phase"  in normal human terms...that means "I'm in a bit of a depression". 

Life is great...no worries!  I'm simply finding it hard to engage in conversation.  Focus on things for long.  I'm needing sleep but not finding it.  I may not be as chipper or communicative as I generally am.  When I do emerge from my cave there are usually snide comments and acerbic wit.  Ok, so I close off and act a bit surly. 

A lot of things hit the fan all at once and I'm taking a step back to watch life until I get my bearings again.  I had something fun planned in mid Dec, but I think I have to cancel my plans.  Hmmm no, I'm not having "those thoughts"  it's hard to be "with it" some days.

It's also hard to talk about, especially when I have no idea what I feel.

Rhapsody in Blue?? 

Perhaps I'll listen to a twisted Christmas song.  I can't handle deep meaning now.  Mary Did You Know will push me over the edge....but Dominic the Donkey can carry me back.


Living in a flash and a rainbow...I know the spark is out there

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