Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Random thoughts

I'm having some random thoughts and thought I should share my thoughts here.  See, I thought that out.

I think the school systems are really doing more harm to our children than good.  As long as a child follows along on a straight line, doesn't speak, colors within the lines, obeys without question....then they are considered good.

If a child is a free spirit, following his own path but getting to the music room on time, colors things the way they want them to be, questions the methods of doing something, is boisterous or chooses "the wrong friends"  Then they are bad.

My son is NOT bad.  Does he make stupid mistakes?  Absolutely.  Do many of us?  Absolutely.  Does he not do as well as he should in order to pursue a more fun distraction? Yes  Do many of us?  Of course...who the heck wants to do dishes when there is a child, a fireplace, a kitty and a TV?  Is this normal?  Yes, it is.

It seems that the majority of the kids today have aberrant behavior compared to the way I grew up.  I don't trust a kid who won't make eye contact or talk directly to an adult, especially as a teenager.  It's abnormal for boys and girls not to have been in at least one or two playground fights by the time they finish 6th grade.  It's not normal for kids not to learn that there are bigger, faster, stronger, more deserving, less deserving, wonderful people and downright horrible people in the world.

As much as I feel it's my job to make sure he has good food, clean clothes (all bets are off with his bathroom and bedroom) learns to organize and study, learn to balance a check book, do taxes...etc.  As much as all those are my job as a Mom, it is also my job to teach him the cruel realities of the world and help him learn to make good choices.

I feel my son is about 80-90% honest overall.  The homework and tooth brushing lies we won't even enter.  I am shocked that parents tell me their kids don't talk to them.  Mine talks constantly to me, about me, with me.  He hates me and he loves me just like a good teenager should....tonight he asked me how to figure out who he is.  This is what I see hiding inside his shell;

a boy who is

Indomitable (most of the time)
Strong sense of fairness
Loves his cat
Enjoy's bible devotion
Loves Halloween
Loves giving gifts to make people smile
Loves his cat
Has a good moral compass

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