Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What the heck is that??

When people move over time we become used to the sounds of our new local migrating fowl.  The first season we might stare up in wonder, the second season it may still seem pretty novel, by the third or fourth we're just used to the sound.  Unless something happens to change the way we perceive it.

Recently we had a power outage.  We are all used to sleeping with fans on.  We need that white noise to help us hold on to that tiny shred of sanity we all still cling to.  I was just beginning to doze off after reading by flashlight.  That felt soooo naughty!  So, I'm between sleep and wakefulness, teetering on the edge.  When I heard the most frightening sound!  It sounded like dozens of flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz!  I was terrified.  I lie in bed motionless, wondering if I should protect my son, grab a gun, make sure the doors and windows were all locked.  Then it dawned on me.  It was a flock of geese migrating!  I had no idea those things migrated at night too!  I was all set to shoot a flying monkey or two, only to discover they were just geese.

Geese themselves can be kind of vicious and frightening but I think that flying monkey's win out on the "oh s---!" factor alone.  We expect geese to fly, not so of monkeys.  We expect them to simply eat food, salt, lice or fleas (whatever they pick off each other) and fling poop.  We also expect them to tear up the occasional suitcase reminiscent of a famous ad in the 70's or 80's.  What's a decade here and there?  I am wondering how vicious geese would be were they to not be so large.  It seems the smaller the wild bird, the more vicious they are.  It would be hazardous if geese were that ferocious.  I can not even  begin to imagine being pelted by flying monkey feces from monkey's over head.

I do wonder which would taste better a wild or captive goose or a wild or captive monkey.  I wonder if there would be much difference?

Since finding out geese sound like flying monkeys I wonder now how they came up with the sound for they flying monkeys.  Maybe I should watch the Wizard of Oz again just to really listen to the sound.  I wonder if it was even close or if my sleep deprived brain simply made a wrong connection.

At least it isn't a group of flying zombie monkeys or migrating zombie geese!

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