Friday, June 7, 2013

What on Earth???

Midwest LAX Bash 2013

My sweet son decided this photo (one of my favorites) should be removed from favorites, so I missed getting it on the disc, or maybe I didn't.  No one really knows because one time when I click on the favorites I see it.  Other times it isn't there.  I just don't know.  Why don't I know??

Why won't anyone answer my phone calls or emails?

I'll call again!

WELL now I feel like a jerk.  Apparently he has been tied up at the hospital with an ongoing condition for a family member.  Thus the non returned phone calls.

The site is VERY confusing.  I couldn't find an accurate description of metallic photo print.  Mom and I had to go on a quest with google to figure it out.  We decided fierce looking little boys don't need to be saturated in color and sparkly or shiny.  They should just look little boy like and fierce.  The prints are plain.  I'm not sure how to get the downloads...I am assuming the great and powerful giver of downloads will send me a link.  About the downloads.  The description says "unlimited digital download same athlete".  Sounds like there are unlimited photos of the same kid right?  When it's selected the instructions are to choose between 15-199 photos.  I found every single photo of him, even the iffy ones.  I selected them all, 103 of them, put them in the cart.  The total was over $200!!  I read all the fine print (totally hidden until after selections are made and in cart)  The first 30 only are included in the price, after that each image is $1.74!  My son and I got it down to 52 images which may or may not include the photo I love that you can hopefully see!!  It did have the share option!

I guess I will find out.  I guess I will find out lots of things.  Is the site crazy?  Am I crazy?  Will this image show up for you?  I need chocolate......That I am sure of..I need chocolate!!

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