Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heck in a handbasket!!

I swear once color TV became available to all; the world went to hell in a handbasket!  The minute I saw those Lawrence Welk singers and dancers in color I knew the world was heading straight downhill!

What was next?  Make-up ads in color?  

This is like that song "Ya Got Trouble"  right here in rivercity with a capital T and that rhymes P and that stands for pool!  

Pool, pool halls, they seem so innocent now. When I was a teenager it was the Arcade.  I was not allowed in the Arcade.  That was where the gang bangers hung out after all!  Nope no Arcade for me.  I sometimes peeped in the door, but never saw anything other than a dark room with video games making fun sounds.  Talking on the phone was a time fritterer back when I was a teenager too.  

Capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Phones. Cell Phones.  My son lives with a cell phone in his hand.  I can't get my son to unload a dishwasher without the cell phone in his hand, on the counter or in his pocket.  We can't watch TV as a family and make fun of people together because of the cell phone.  Darn phone.  

Sadly the most peaceful times are the times after a nasty blow up when the givers of the phone "evil momz lady and evil dadz man" take the phone and hide it due to extreme sassiness.  

Yep it all started with color tv.  We never should have known what color Bobby and Cissy were wearing. or WHY Bobby and Cissy were wearing certain things.  We should have seen it going down hill and stopped progress with the cassette tape playing walkman.  

I am invoking cell phone free times when we can still engage in wholesome family watching Hell's Kitchen in color and betting on which chef goes home next!


Eve said...

Hey Vicki! lol, this is awesome! I totally remember looking into the darkness of the arcade...and the Walkman! Remember 'boom boxes'? A dozen different people would be carrying a dozen different stereos on their shoulders, all playing a different tape...god it was awful! Also, remember the days when you didn't know who was calling until you answered the phone?

I just can't shut up said...

LOL! I do, and we actually answered because it was before telemarketers! I had a boom box, but never an 8 track. We went straight from a stereo the size of a buick to a a boom box with a cassette player.