Monday, February 4, 2013

That pacifically annoys me

Two many people use the wrong word to without meaning too and other words to for that matter.  I am shore I do it too sometimes.
Here are sum examples I can think of write now:
I'm itching my palm because I borrowed money two my friend. Oh weight a itching palm means yore going too get money, knot knead money!

Now I need someone to borrow me sum money because eye kneed it to by itchy palm creme. 

I am pacifically sure that is what the teacher learned me to say in class when I mean some thing pacific. 

Do ya have enough tin foil to cover it up?

Can you borrow me some money?

I learned her to do that all by herself.

I gets annoyed to when peoples use the wrong words tenses in sentences.  It bugs me when people want to axe me a question.  Asking me if I can carry them to the store is also a bit confusing. I can't really carry that much.  Let's have a looksee...are we having a look or would you like to see it?  I've already seen it and I'm not sure what it is that's why I'm asking if you can take a look at it...if you can't see it then I must be crazy because that means it isn't there.

I'm so glad I talks as good as I due and never make any missteaks in spelling or sentence structure or in tentses and I'm real glad I don't axe questions!!

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