Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rain rain go away...

Rain rain go away come again another day (like June or July...August)

It's January!  We had a lovely little blanket of snow until this rainy weirdly warm weather swath has hit us.  Apparently in the still weird weather world, we have cold temps coming again this weekend.  Cold temps I am definitely looking forward to having back.  I love the season changes.  My favorites remain fall and winter.  My favorites have always been fall and winter.  When we lived in the South I still loved fall and winter.  It dipped below 100 then.

I'm listening to the rain now and thinking how perfect this would be if only it were spring or summer with this rain.  I am mentally conjuring up a 3' deep blizzard.  A blizzard worthy of Rudolph. A blizzard worthy of my current stock of toilet paper....I did buy some didn't I?  Hmm must check toilet paper reserves before colder temps hit again!  I also need to pick up some vegetables too...frozen of course (i digress)

I am imagining snow forts, snowmen, snow angels, snowflakes falling fat and lazy to the ground or lofting gently downward.  The hush of a snow blanketed night, that somehow almost magical stillness.  The absolute hush that makes you want to hide the sounds of your breathing lest you disturb it.  That mystical look of a frozen wood.  Icicles, snow cloaked trees standing atop a blanket of white.  Broken candles on a giant's birthday cake.

See how much I love snow???  Snow is amazing.  Rain makes noise, snow muffles it...but both are best suited to a lovely grey day.

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