Saturday, December 15, 2012

Insomnia bites again

I am totally losing my mind, it seems, from the insomnia.  It could also be the sneezing kitty who NEEDS the electric blanket, or possibly the incessant whining, sassing, fibbing, yelling and general disagreeableness of my normally polite compliant son.
I have counted sheep, the sheep have counted me.  We are at an impasse it appears.  I was fairly convinced there eas only one of me until Alejandro started presenting evidence to the contrary.  Now I'm just not sure how many of me there are. 
I should have realized I needed a sleep intervention when the sheep wore leotards or tutu's and started dancing to various ABBA and Beach Boys songs.  When Alejandro grabbed the mic and did a duet to Endless Love with Flossie, it was magical and I fell under the spell of the singing, dancing sheep.
Hmmm this does not bode well for me I fear.  My mental health must surely be suffering.  I am now convinced I desperately need sleep and also to reason less frequently with sheep who talk.........good night blog world.

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Cynthia White said...

You know the long yellow fruit you peel to get to its 3-sectioned mellow meat inside? It's supposed to mellow you out :)

It works for me!