Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year

It’s been days since I bored you all with my ramblings!

I have missed yet another end of the world.  Darn I guess that means I still have to pay bills.  L

Christmas came and went.  I got the coolest record player.  Yes!  A real record player!!  I can’t wait to find more records to play.  Janis sounds amazing!  I got other nifty stuff too, but the record player is super cool. 

We had turkey but worked on convincing our cat it was goose.  He really was excited not long ago when our town declared open season on geese.  The polluted the crap (literally) out of our town’s lakes making them unusable due to high ecoli counts.  The beaches are always covered in goose poop.  I love watching geese in flight, but sitting on a beach in goose poop is gross. 

My poor cat is still sneezing, allergies.  I am hopeful that this winter there will be a hard enough freeze to kill whatever bothers his poor nose.  It could also just be that his immune system is bothered by the lymphoma the poor dear has been battling the past several years. 

I missed seeing my family this year, but life gets in the way.  Life got in the way; it sort of ran over us like a steam roller actually.  We will regroup because it’s what we do. 

I hope all of you have a very happy New Year.  I hear that Ryan Seacrest is hosting the Rockin New Year thing…wth?  Really?  They couldn’t get someone with a bit more street cred like oh….a Kardashian (darn end of the world!  I was counting on that!!) Seriously, how about some hunky hot actor?  Mario Lopez?  Ryan Seacrest really??  I mean he is ok…but I’m sure someone with more stage presence was available.  Unless Dick Clark bit him before he passed away thus granting him immortality similar to Ted McGinley.  Hey!!  Ted McGinley would have been awesome on the Rockin Eve Special.  

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