Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Complicated Lives........40???? (can't remember the number)

Mother and I are going on a shopping trip!

Growing up in the south...(anywhere really) in high school we all knew at least one girl who had "had an accident", "had a bun in the oven", "got knocked up",  "got pregnant"

We said or thought at least one of a few things "well at least she has good family supporting her", "oh that poor unfortunate girl", "what a trashy girl", "what a slut", "I'm surprised it took this long", "who would do her?", "I wonder who the father is?", "I wonder if she knows who the father is?", "for the baby's sake I hope she gives it up for adoption", "I hope it isn't born with the family affliction"......I blame lip gloss (if you have kept up with complicated lives you know I was denied lip gloss and the chance to be trashy too)

Most of the girls had their babies, some were ashamed, some weren't.  For many of the girls this was just the way it was, their own Mom's got pregnant in school too;  many of them didn't finish school.  Time was at least gracious enough to these girls to bring us the 80's where teen pregnancy was more accepted.  They finished schools amid the stares of classmates, judgmental clucks, and arms of friends who supported them too.  I knew a lot of girls who got pregnant in high school, carried their baby to term, took care of said baby when not in school (or dating the father or other guys) then graduated.  Some of them even went on to college, finished with a degree and set perfect examples of responsibility.

then we had.......the shopper....

I was not in the main gossip circles, so I was unaware this was going on until after I left the shelter of my small, lip gloss wearing, pregnant town..

This girl went on a "shopping trip"  or a "skiing trip" at least once per year for many years.  I believe my friend Gizzard said, starting in Jr. High!  I remember the "shopping/skiing trips" were at irregular times and based around the seasons.  I remember not seeing her for a few days at school then she would return.  Of course I was a land dweller (unpopular) and not in her stratosphere (super popular and loose) so I was just in awe of her glorious celestial sphere wondering how her lips were so glossy.  Apparently from polishing chrome and other things several times per year!  Seriously!!

When I finally found out, I heard it in the clucking tones of "poor Billie Bowlegs, can't have babies" (gizzard)..." that's so sad. why?" said the vacant I.  "all those shopping and skiing trips she went on" (g)   "shopping and skiing can't make you sterile" (me) "she wasn't really shopping or skiing" (g) "what was she....OH MY!! you mean she was?" (me) "yes" (g) "wow, was it all the same guy?" (me) "NO" (g)

Apparently after multiple abortions people can't readily conceive.  Not to be rude, but maybe she should have kept one, or maybe her Mother should have bought her some condoms instead of lip gloss.  It's not my place to judge, but my son already knows to go into a sexy situation armed with the trojan man.  Always, always be prepared and take care of your mistakes by making them right.  Who would have ever thought that she would envy some of the tragic girls not in her stratosphere.  She became a teacher.

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Cynthia White said...

I had friends in both groups but was ignorant of what was going on in secret. One cheerleader wore a corset until going into labor. None of us knew!
My close friend married the baby daddy, graduated HS, college, and pharmacy school, all magna cum laude! Still married 45 years later:)