Friday, November 30, 2012

Poison Apples

Apples. I don't really like apples overly much. They are ok, but I'd rather just eat other fruit or vegetables. I really like celery a lot! I make this cream cheese dip for the slices (of apple not celery...although pineapple cream cheese is great with celery as is blue cheese. Oh a bowl of blue cheese dip or buffalo dip (spicy, not the animal, (oh or maybe even the animal!...yum!) would be great too.) It's caramel flavored/flavoured.
I look forward to my apple dip. My husband now likes it and can make it! I digressed from poisoned apples however.

Apples are quite lovely to look at, but getting just one bad apple can ruin the experience and taint the opinion toward all apples. This makes sense too, when applied to people. All apples taste differently, most are beautiful in their own way and all contribute something. They fill a need in someone's life, even if it just happens to make a moment more enjoyable. It's those bad/ poison apples you have to watch out for. Bad people/bad apples are sneaky, sly, slippery...but some people just don't know this isn't how  apples are not supposed to be because they have never had anything but the bottom of the barrel.

I really hope I can avoid poison apples as long as possible. I've had a few rotten apples and the experience tainted the way I felt about other apples. It's natural to base an expectation off a prior experience. It's bad when it seems like poison, rotten and bad apples just pile on tainting everything we see. I need to offload a few bad apples!

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