Sunday, November 18, 2012

Misheard me

More of my misheard lyrics
Because I can’t type well today but I wanted to blog..we have….more of my misheard lyrics!  I cheated and started this one a while ago, I just put the finishing few lines on it Grace at the bottom.

Greased Lighting
Go Greased Lightning you’re burning up the photomat
You are supreme the chicks are cream
With Purple Fringe tail lights and 30 inch rims oh yeah
A pal on the dashboard and fill it with lots of tins oh yeah
You know I ain’t braggin she’s a real hussy wagon

Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
That old boy gotta change you up alright
Down we shower each other
I’ll be your everything  tonight I’ll be your mother (oops this gross line was right)
I’ll do anything to free your pain be your mom you won’t feel no shame
Sucks for me there is no other

West End Girls
Kicking in chairs and knocking down tables in a western town
Western town the damn walls eastern boys and western girls
How much is meat
Have you got it together if so how often
From Lake Geneva to the filling station (or Hunan station, I later heard that) 

Bad Moon Rising
I see a brand new horizon
I see trouble on the wing
I see paraguay’s lightning
I see a bad time today
Don’t go out tonight it’s bound to take a light
There’s a bad man on the right
I hear hurricanes of glory
I feel rivers over flowing
I hear a voice of razor ruin
One eye is taking for a ride

One Night in Bangkok
Bangkok Oriental city but the city don’t know what the city is getting
The crème de la crème of the chest swelled in it
Time flies it doesn’t seem to tear it since material bar with the chest bars in it
All change and don’t you know when you play at this level there’s no ordinary menu
The bars and temples but of course aint free
You’ll find a God in every golden oyster
It’s a dive it’s a bar it’s really such a pity to be looking at the bar not looking at the city
Low down some and sweet sommerset up when the sommerset some sweet
You’ll find a God in every golden oyster
A little flesh a little history

And what I used to pray at lunch time when there was prayer in schools…

Saying Grace
Goddess grace, Goddess good
Let us thank him for our food
Buy his hands eat all our fed
Give us Lord our daily bread.

Imagine my confusion when I had a teacher’s Aide in kindergarten in the mid 70’s with the last name Gosset.  I called her Miss Goddess and thought we were praying to her.  I also thought she made Green Goddess dressing. Yes I went to church but we said a different prayer at home, not a rote one.

Well that was a look into my misread, misheard mind….

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