Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doomed like Cassandra?

Sometimes I feel like Cassandra.  I have the best of intentions but no matter how hard I try, what I say, what I do or suggest.....no one listens to warnings and advice.

Ok, so sometimes the advice is unsolicited buttinsky stuff...but generally it's advice asked for but totally unheeded.  It can get frustrating to be asked "what do you think I should do", "why do you think this keeps happening", "what would you do"  etc.....I give my advice but nothing changes.  I still keep getting the same questions from the same people with the same circular logic pattern where they ask, I answer, then they make excuses why they don't think it will work, or they make excuses for a person they know, or the way they do things...like this

but, but, but

I have come to realize that the people don't really care what my advice is, they really just want to unload about the same thing repeatedly, do nothing to change the situation, and repeat...
I will continue to play Cassandra because I am unable to stop myself from buying a ticket into the crazy show, I will continue to give advice, because...oh this doesn't look very good for my own logic and advice taking does it?

Oh well!

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