Monday, November 5, 2012

There goes my mind and some minutes too...

Recently I lost my mind.  How is it possible that there was any left to lose you ask?  Surprised me too actually!!  But there was some, and also a bit of pride I lost or dignity along the way.  I know the suspense must be killing you.  How could someone as odd as I am, as well versed in tainted baby food dug from a pit, as adept at cinderblock tossing from a tree, as exposed and selfless enough to admit public tears possibly fall further down the losing one's mind scale???  Here goes....

On Halloween night I dvr'd 4 episodes of  Here Come's Honey Boo Boo!

You can choose to stop reading here and write me off as flat out insane, or you can watch the train wreck of my mind unfold...........

I see you decided to stay.  Firstly we watched the episodes out of order.  Last first, first last.  We have never had half an hour last longer.  This show is an excellent way to make more out of your day if you don't mind losing your minutes and hoping against all hope that someone gets arrested or finally tells the kid to forget pageantry and learn grammar.  I don't find, nor have I ever found "in yo face!!!" kids to be cute or worth any television time.  The death knell to many tv shows is the addition of the "cutesy kid".  The kid in question makes you want to vomit, or never watch the show again.  This entire series is centered around an "in yo face!!" bratty child, a family with some of the worst nutrition I have ever seen, and in general a blight on southern pride.  NO not white power, let's be killing folk.  Not all southerners are like that.  We love all people especially people who make good food and love their family.

In the four episodes, there was;
bobbing for raw pigs feet
a weight loss/gain challenge
Christmas in July
Farting in every episode
Cheese ball eating
Using coupons to buy nothing but over processed fatty horrible for you food
a Pig crapping on the table
a pregnant 17 year old talking about her "biscuit hurting"
a chubby plain child shoved into some outfit strugging her "stuff"
painting on a fake tan
rude kids treating their parents and each other with zero respect

I have NO idea what the station is thinking by running this drivel.  I had a respected friend tell me he watched the show and was addicted.  I decided to give it a go.  It was only worth my time because it prolonged the weekend and gave me more time with my family.

This show did remind me about my own family when I was growing up, our values, the fear of the flip flop or the belt on the behind for rude behavior.  Spankings generally ended before our teens but we were still in fear of a quick pop to the mouth for sassing or a rude word spoken to an adult.  These spankings or pop to the lips could be delivered by ANY adult and if it was someone other than your Mama or got it again.  Rudeness was simply NOT tolerated in the rural south where I grew up.  Plenty of people in Blountstown in the 1970's-80's can attest to this.  It was ok to be poor, but never ok to be rude or white trash.

The only good thing I can really say about this show is...her house looked fairly clean, and she made her bed.  I gave up making my bed, I guess I lost that bit of pride...but I also don't slide on a tarp with oil, dish washing liquid, water and mud.  I think I will take my messy bed over that.

I assume some of you reading this like the show....if you are offended by my opinion, oh well.  It's my opinion.  I don't plan to waste anymore time on this show.  I wish the family well, and I hope the kids learn some good nutrition and manners.  I fear for the youngest, it looks like another Anna Nicole Smith in the making.

I'm going to go read recipes now to figure out how to cook the coon we bought in Detroit...I am not making that up

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