Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hurts so good

I remember 15!  Nothing felt as good as being slightly bad.  But bad back then, in 1985, was very different than bad in 2012.  I'm afraid "good" is probably more bad than I EVER was.  Quite frankly the "bad" today scares me!
I had my first real kiss at 15.  It was a stolen double date.  We picked up the guys later.  All my Mama saw were me and my best friend at the time Giblet heading off to the movie theater.  Two honest angels going to see Fletch.  I wore Charlie cologne, Calvin Kleins, fluroscent pink socks, linen slight wedge strappy sandals, a fluroscent pink tee, with a white bigshirt over it the bigshirt had fluroscent pink paint stripes in a big square check pattern, with a fluroscent pink cloth tie belt, fluroscent pink round wooden earrings....i forget the necklace, but it may have been my multistrand wooden bead neckalce.  My hair was curled feathered and glued in place.  I had on blue, pink and yellow eyeshadow from my merle norman fan, pink blush and pink or melon lipstick.  Trendy then...horrifying today.
I remember nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero, naught about the movie.  I do know that we kissed 3 times.  French kissed!!
Giblet was dressed less pink, in painted on jeans from fredericks of hollywood.  (Totally jealous)  She and her date surely kissed way more than I did.  I think they may have made out.  I am pretty sure I wanted to make out.
We were afraid to make out.  The tale started about June 1985.  The highschool choir was singing we were both in it.  He a, a sophomore.  He wanted to drive my grandmother and me home from the highschool graduation ceremony.  She flat out refused and instead made us ride home with the Stone family.  He started coming over to see me during the summer break.  My Grandmother was growing in vehement anger toward him.  I didn't think he was that cute, but I was falling for him.
The veil of time falls away as I remember that evening.  I temember Giblet smiling up at me from the row im front of me.   I remember the way he looked at me.   A look like I, meant something to him.  A look that said, I choose you.  A look like I was the only girl in the world.  We stared at each other and talked.  He wanted to know my hopes, desires, dreams, favorite color, food...etc.  I felt so special that night.  I also felt that trembling innocence later that summer at Church camp.....I digress.....
My date was magical, and I was floating on air. Giblet walked me in, we were talking animatedly about thrre movie we didn't  see.  Giblet's date had not gone as well as mine, and she had done the making out thing before too.  The guys were in the volvo wagon hiding.  My Grandmother took one look at me and told Giblet to leave.
From there the evening went to hell.  Anything growing between us was crushed beyond salvage.  His name was mud, mine was liar.  He finally began to speak to me again.
After my Grandma died and i moved away..about 2 months later.  I finally told both he and Giblet what happened.  Things were shattered but we moved on.  He and I both decided; despite the outcome, that the evening was magical and somethings are worth doing. 

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