Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting lost

Sometimes getting lost can be fun.  I travel the same few roads every day.  They are predictable, easy to reach, safe, consistent and generally convenient.  I can often go on a mental auto pilot and just know when it's time to turn to reach point B.

I DETEST making left turns with no signal.  I lost part of the range of motion in my neck and there are times I feel panicky when trying to figure out when it's safe to turn.  At times my right hand will not want to cooperate in mid turn and I end up swinging wide, so I generally drive with my left hand...but I often drove with just one hand of them HAD to hold the coffee!!...I digress

Today my choice was to make a left turn with no arrow or turn right and head to a store I didn't feel like shopping in for something I really needed.  I turned right anyway then boldly made another right.  I decided I would find a place to turn around then take advantage of the turn arrow on the street from which I had just turned.  I kept driving up the road feeling small instances of panic, all the roads were off to the left and traffic was fast on blind curves.  I decided, oh well.  I know what road lies ahead I can just turn there.  Granted it was a left but the left was an easy one.  A strange thing happened at the corner.  I turned right!  I was on a brand new section of a familiar road!  As I followed this new path, I saw new things, I felt at peace not knowing what was coming but knowing what ever came..I would make a right.  My road dead ended...I turned right onto the new road and saw the most beautiful house and yard!  I saw a deeply shaded road section.  I felt even more relaxed because I didn't know what was coming, I didn't care...but I did have a plan.  Just turn right.  It all ended too soon.

I found myself on a very familiar highway.  I turned right.  Then left at an arrow to reach the store I wanted to shop in today.  I got to see the newly promoted teens up town enjoying this, their last day of school uptown.  I didn't see my son, he was up to ruckus at a sponsored event.  I reached my destination in one piece and turning out of the lot...I turned right.  I was zoned out at the red light, some zippy mcfast pants decided he MUST turn on red immediately, and I just wasn't moving fast enough for him, so he cut me off in the outer turn lane for the turn on red...fine by me.  I need to play it safe with my life.  Zippy made it through the turn about 2 seconds before my lame self did.  I just wait for the green light there, traffic moves too fast. He still got stuck at the red light waiting so he could make that all important left.

Sometimes speed is fun, sometimes knowing where everything is heading is fun, but sometimes what you really need is to get lost and enjoy the scenery.

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