Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gutted/ Happy

Ok...completely gutted that Morrissey postponed the concert.....BUT this means I get to attend the banquet I've been sad about missing. 

Miracles occur in the smallest yet most profound ways. All those things I worried over, the gifts not arriving, the poster deadline.....they all worked out.  I was and am amazed.  The patterns and works around me cause me to pause and thank God for the care he gives in so many small ways

Flat whites rocked my ass off in New Zealand....I was addicted and needed an intervention.  A local coffee house learned to make them!!!  Yay!!

So...gutted about Morrissey, happy about the banquet, the miracles and the flat whites.....also a couple friends and I can now sing Nugget in a Biscuit...while totally embarrassing our sons!!!


Eve said...

Hey Vicki! I love the new look of your blog! It's very peaceful. I know what you mean about being gutted about a postponed concert! I had planned to go to the Cirque du Soliel Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour last wasn't cancelled but I just couldn't make it. Fortunatley it's going to be a permanent show in Vegas in 2013, and my oldest son is going to take me down to see it! This works out even better, even though it's a ways away...I'll be in Vegas!
What's a flat white? I was thinking shoes, but I don't think I'm right!

I just can't shut up said...

Flat Whites are probably God's coffee :-) shot of espresso with microfoamed whole milk. We became addicted in New Zealand.

Thanks, I have been wondering if I should go with a new look.