Thursday, November 3, 2011

modern complicated

I think I might possibly be going insane! My life is modern complicated. By modern complicated I mean...insomnia, notifications that go bing, alarms for everything, 900 vitamins daily, 3 projects that had a deadline 14 days from now, magically the deadline has now moved up 7 days!! I have an order placed with the first deadline (14 days away) , which will now be completely bollocksed because the gifts won't be ready in time.....also....I won't even get to GO to the party I am doing all this stuff for, because I will be out of town on the changed date. This is the sports banquet for my son's team...he won't even get to go!. If we use the original date (14 days from now), the people who should get the gifts won't be in they get to go to the party but no gifts will be had....Guess who gets to deliver them now??!! Yes, chipper little me!

I swear I am the lady who stands in the kitchen and screams...on top of all stupid $%^-&*!@ phone won't stop giving me the notices I've turned off!!! OMG!!! Seriously??? This phone must be possessed! I have turned off notifications!, I have disconnected the is this Mephistopheles phone doing this?? I signed the no demonic possession of phone contract! I gave them a friend's first born's you think the contract carrier Mephistopheles knows it wasn't my first born child's blood?? I am trying again to disable the machine that goes BING-bing-*vibrate*. I am hoping this will buy me a week of mental health while I pull this deadline together.

I soooooo need a nap!!

OMG!! they are having a sale on cloven hoof covers at Hades Topic!! I probably should pick up a few......

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