Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Complicated Lives...part 2


Scooter decided after his wife died to take out a reverse mortgage on the house. Scooter used the first half of the money on a girl he wanted to date on tires for her car, GPS, Lasic, Tattoo, Tattoo removal, Boob job, appliances…BEFORE the first date which never happened!!! THEN he wanted to sue her but only IF someone else did it for him because he was too busy working at a job that might or might not pay him because it was only a suggested job not an actual job with W-2’s and such. Scooter spent the rest of the money on solar panels and a land deal in the slums of Detroit…”Motown baby!!”, “Detroit’s coming back baby!!” “these fools are going to pay $200,000 for this house!!! I only paid $40,000 down and have to take out a $40,000 second reverse mortgage on this house and he already boosted the price so I could!!!! Hahahaha stupid fools baby!” 3 years later nothing has been done to the fallen down building “baby”. Also in case you are unaware of the current situation in Detroit…in that area most homes are gutted by looters for wiring and pipes they are sold for about a dollar so the city can claim property tax from the owner, if they are intact they sell for under $20,000. Now back to the solar panel investment. Solar panels aren’t actually working because he hired “some stupid idiot to put them on if I pay for him to learn how!! What a fool!!” The kicker for Scooter and his scheme was that the “stupid idiot” was not actually licensed so he never qualified for the government rebate, and the “stupid idiot” never actually connected the panels into the power box or whatever, so they don’t really power anything!!! Scooter also bought twice as many as he needed to “stick it to the power company baby!!! They’ll have to pay me for the excess!!! Stupid fools!!!” Again…these panels are not connected. The “stupid idiot” is either in jail now or cooking meth. Either way…those panels still ain’t connected “baby”!

Old Scoot did some hard time (less than 30 days in jail) for driving on a suspended license. They suspended it because he failed to do the 30 hours of community service for the numerous unpaid parking tickets he had accrued..he failed to do this service so he could “work to make some money baby!” at the aforementioned non-existent job.

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