Monday, June 27, 2011

Complicated Lives....part 1

I am a bit blue lately so I've decided to try writing an ongoing sort of explanation of ...."where do these people come from?" I have entitled it complicated lives and will hopefully add more to it as I recall more from my life.....

Complicated Lives

Some people just lead complicated lives. Either lives are complicated by choice or happenstance. Lives complicated by happenstance generally clear up and normal out after one or two glitches. Lives complicated by choice just stay that way….and spiral into a spastic carnival of insanity.

Life complicated by happenstance

OMG!!! I love this man he is wonderful---2 months later you find out he’s your first or second cousin!!! OMG Normal people stop dating and that’s then end…

Lives complicated by choice

OMG!!! I love this man he is wonderful, fortunately he’s only my second cousin not like that time that I got pregnant by my first cousin four times. What was I thinking?? I’ll never drink moonshine from a gumboot again before I make love at the family reunion!


JillyAnne lived at home taking directions from her parents until she was 35. At the spring young age of 35 she decided to light out for parts unknown with no money and a half broken Bronco. She wrote a check “to the mechanic to fix that part on the truck and I knew there wadn’t no money in that account but I figured he’d wait a while to cash it and I could call my Daddy and ask him to loan me some money to put in the bank to cover that check and the other ones I was gonna write…hey can I give you a check and you let me borrow some money I forgot to bring any money with me?!” “ I don’t understand why there ain’t no money in the bank…I asked Daddy to put some in there to cover them checks I wrote but the bank took it because I owed them money on a loan I had took out from them and still owed but they shouldn’t have took all the money they should only have just took enough for the payments I missed..they should of covered them checks because I closed that account” “this guy I moved in with that I met online in a chat room keeps chatting online with other women…I told him than one of them is gonna take him serious one day and try to move in.”

Signs of a complicated life are numerous…one of the strongest indicators is if your story for the day has more ands and becauses than a group of teenagers. Example;

Recently JillyAnne had to get new false teeth ………because Jimbo’s dog chewed my other ones up, because they was in the glass on the floor next to the mattress in the dining room because there aint no dresser in the bedroom so the clothes is on the floor and there aint no room for one, plus when his wife left him she had tooken all the furniture and just left it out by the road in the rain and it all swolt up and fell apart and she left that dog here anyway, did I tell you they weren’t never divorced and she just took everthing anyway and left him with no reason why?

next time we meet Scooter!!!

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