Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time Warp

Not the song....jet lag!!

Boring information alert....Ok the trip was awesome, Air New Zealand rocks! I'd do it all again in a heartbeat...but my neck is killing me!!

Had my first scare in the airport, I think I overdid it on the tramping. My right leg has always been the good one. It never gave me any hassles. It's never torn anything, or done anything a leg shouldn't do. I've counted on it for years now...it isn't affected ( or didn't seem to be) but it gave out and I almost fell on a lady's head!! She was sitting on the floor and I was sitting on a footstooly thing waiting for the aged, infirmed, or under 2 to board group. The guy with the wheel chair dropped me off 2 hours earlier and I had to have beer and find a bathroom (priorities) so I got stuck sitting on a footstooly tabley thing. (it's made up words night) I have no idea what happened. I am hoping it doesn't happen again though. I did feel better in a mean sort of way because another person fell on the gangway but I remained upright. The cane really helped keep me from walking in too many circles on vacation. I can't actually look to the right without my left leg thinking something along the lines of 'hey that looks neat let's go there!' without telling the rest of me. Can be funny unless you walk into another person or in front of a car. I try to look only to the left or straight ahead.

I fed a wild chicken with my son, I am not high on pain meds! There really was a wild chicken along the side of the road to Coromandel. The Frenchman saw it too! We fed him the bread from our lovely son's Subway sandwich...yes they do have Subway in New Zealand!

We played at a hot water beach and I almost ran away at Craters of the Moon in Taupo...it was so warm and quiet....boiling mud craters don't sass or whine that they are hungry everytime they open their little boiling mouths.

i might actually post a photo or few of the trip....I can't wait to go again!!

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Eve said...

You're back!! Glad you had a good time! Is it fall in New Zealand? Can't wait to see a pic...the jet lag must be severe..keep looking straight ahead or to the left and you'll be over it in no time, lol!