Thursday, January 7, 2016

The hundred dollar donut

$100 donut

I heard about this donut this morning as I was sitting on the sofa, trying to hold my rowdy cat, sipping coffee and wondering if I should brush my hair before work.  I asked myself if I had all the money I wanted and could spend it on anything I wanted would I buy the hundred dollar donut.  I cursed a bit as I noticed the ink line on my shirt, I had no time to change it so I decided to ponder more on the donut as I gave up on trying to tame the Siamese lion on my lap.

If I could just toss money about without a care, I don't know that I'd buy a hundred dollar donut.  If it were a regular donut and the hundred dollars went to a reputable charity I would be very likely to buy one, but to actually eat a purple yam donut covered in gold, with champagne icing deems a bit weird to me.  When I was a teenager I'd have been all over trying it.  Now I just think what else I could do with a hundred dollars.  I could buy A LOT of coffee and donuts.  I could buy enough coffee and donuts to make it a few weeks of treating myself daily.  I forget to eat, but I never forget my coffee.

Coffee...I don't think I could drink the cat poop coffee (Kopi Luwak) despite my love for both cats (yes I know civets aren't really cats) and coffee.  I've watched a few videos and listened to the comments people make about the civet coffee, noticeably different, tastes like paper, and horrible

Best Coffee Taste Test

Then there's the question of how they get the beans (stones, seeds).  I know this is a growing trend and I've seen some videos showing the palm civets in cages pacing around, trying to escape.  I think that all the little civets should be free to frolic in the trees eating as many coffee berries as they desire then seeking out a carb laden treat to go with the morning joe.

I wonder how the hundred dollar donut would taste when paired with the Kopi Luwak?  I wonder if this has been or will be done?  I wonder if there will be a cervil uprising with brave little civets, over throwing the evil coffee barons?  If the hundred dollar donuts were being sold to stop civet unrest and over throw the coffee capos thereby creating civet freedom and peace I would definitely buy the hundred dollar donut.  I would like to share it with a civet.

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