Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I wanna be a teenager again for just a month or so

Being a grown up sucks so much!  There are all these grown up problems, how to parent, bill paying, jobs, menus, grocery shopping, making sure said child (read teenage bottomless pit here) has food and doesn't ruin his life doing bone headed things.  I could go on, but if you are a grown up then you know how much it utterly sucks at times.

I want to be 15 or 16 again for just a little while.  I remember the teen years sucked too, but I'd go back armed with the knowledge I currently have and realize that everyone had their head up their asses at that age and no one had any clue about life or any mystical wisdom about the future and no one really cared if I was a geek, a freak or a nerd...we all were equally idiotic.

I'd go back armed with all I learned about Math, Science, English, History....etc and just have fun.  My homework would be done and it would be done correctly.  I wouldn't have to feel like I was staring down the barrel of a gun looking at a simple algebraic equation.  I'd be secure in the knowledge that it would be right or mostly right.  I'd also like to sneak out of the house just once.  I never did that.  I'd also like to clue my friends in on the whole being a teenager sucks but being a grown up sucks just as much in its own right.

I feel as clueless as a teenager at a school dance most days.  I know that I need to wear a dress (pay the bills), I know I need shoes (food) I know I need a clue (parenting).  the clue will be the hardest to find.

I realize in a few years time 50something year old me, will look back at 40something me and think....wow did that idiot have it made, I wish I could go back to my 40's with the knowledge of my 50's and really do things right.

Sadly teenage me, nor 40something me would listen to wise me.  We'd run screaming for the hills, much like I currently feel like doing.

BTW.....Happy VERY Belated New Year.

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