Saturday, December 27, 2014

Where has this year gone?

I thought to myself....

gee self, it's been a couple of months since you last posted to your blog, you should write something, you've been in a mood lately.  

I came by to see if I could harness a thought or two into something coherent...lo and behold it's been 5 months! I'd like to say one momentous thing has happened since then that I could have written about, but sadly SEVERAL momentous things happened but I was too lazy to write about them.  I also think I may have been dealing with a little depression because of it.

My son turned 16 and he got his driver's license.  He also has his first job and it's thrown me completely out of whack.  I feel like my job is being phased out.  I've been a stay at home mom for the most part since 1998.  Him driving himself to school and work, having plans that he makes, getting there on his own, really threw me for a loop.  My stress hit a high point and my mood a low point.  I worry about him driving, not his driving, he's a good driver.  He passed his written test with no mistakes and did an excellent job on his road test, my husband and I were allowed in the car with the independent tester.  The other drivers scare me.  He got his license in October, just about the time the maniacs hit the streets for holidays and the weather turns dicey and icy.  Sadly on the one hand, but happily on the other, we haven't had much snow and ice yet.  I love snow, I love icicles on eaves but I'm just as happy that he doesn't have to be on the road in it right now.  If I could limit snow mounds to weekends or days he doesn't have to go to school or work, that would be great.

I don't have that much to be depressed or complain about.  I know that I'm lucky.  We're healthy, together, we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, the bills are paid.  I know that is so much more than some people have.  Still, those blues just crept in on me this past year.  I'm assuming that 2015 will have me heading in a happier direction.  I'm not unhappy, I'm just feeling the weight of my baby growing up and away.

I'm going to try to write more on my blog next year.  I enjoy it and it does help me feel better.  I've missed being here but didn't realize I missed it, if that makes sense.

Oh and I didn't shop at Target this holiday season because the ads were really annoying.  We did go there the day after Christmas and score a new tree.

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Eva Prokop said...

Hey Vicki! I really hope you do write more in your blog. You're a talented writer! I've been lazy with my blog too..and also lazy about keeping in touch with's totally normal to sometimes feel absolutely horrible when your kids start growing up and getting ready to leave home. I had three, so I don't know for sure, but I think it might be harder when you only have one. You'll adjust in the end, but there's definately a period of adjustment you have to go through and sometimes it really frigging sucks...there's definate light at the end of the tunnel!
Target never caught on up here. They came to Canada less than a year ago, and just the other day they announced that they're closing all of their Canadian stores..they're hemorrhaging money...I think the problem is that the ads are super annoying up here too! lol!