Sunday, January 12, 2014

Were you raised by wolves?

This has always seemed to mean something derogatory.  I recently found out that wolves are in fact excellent parents.  If someone asks if you were raised by wolves it could be reasonable and non-derogatory to answer..."no my parents weren't nearly that good"

I was recently wondering if one of my son's friend's was raised by wolves because he seems to have lost any moral compass.  When I looked up the question about wolves out of sheer curiosity I realized that I am no where near as good as a wolf mom!  I have no idea what animal parent I'd be that nags a lot.  What ever that kind of parent is...I'm the naggy one.

Fortunately for me, my son still talks to me about most things.  Sure he lies a bit, as most teenagers do.  He was NOT raised by wolves because we are annoying and nag him.  But at least we aren't raising a douche bag.  My son's ex-friend has turned into the discount store brand of douche's.  He pulled a trick so low down, ugly and dirty I would probably spank my son until next week (even though it would have little effect on him aside from giving him a sore behind and making him angry).  Part of me is debating outing the kid for being a dirt bag, the other part is just rejoicing that despite my lack of wolf parenting skills I raised a better son than that!  Here's the deal...

Kid had no friends in 6th grade.  My son (anxiety king) was his only friend from 6th until near the end of 8th grade when dirt bag's parents started getting divorced.  I genuinely liked the kid up until he started throwing my son under the bus, scamming my son's friends, then painting my son in a bad light.  Things were fine, they went their own way, friendships don't always last.  No big deal, until last week.  Last week, this dirt bag started texting one of my son's female friends. They've been friends for some time.  Dirt bag told her not to talk to my son because my son is a "bad kid"  WTH?!  I took this kid home when is Mother and Grandmother were too busy "living life" to recall they needed to bring him home from practice. Ok...jerk, find another friend to take you home, one of the many kids who only pretend to like you because they say jump and the dirt bag says "how high".  No goes on.  Then I found out the basic premise behind the texts. This dirt bag was texting a girl, pretending to be suicidal to play on her sympathies in order to get a girlfriend!  There was a suicide at the school earlier this year.  The boy who died was friends with this girl.

How low is that?  Have I lost touch with being a teenager so much that this seems deplorable to me?  Is this an accepted practice now?  I would be so ashamed and angry if I found out my son were playing people like this.  I am torn between letting this whole thing go....or contacting the Mother.  If her darling dearest is suicidal she should know and  perhaps wake the heck up, maybe re order her priorities?  On the other hand if the low life isn't suicidal and is just pretending, the he truly needs a moral compass installed in the worst way.

I'm no wolf, but I think I'm better than a harp seal!

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