Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello, my name is.......

And I am addicted to Candy Crush Saga.  I am so ashamed to admit this to myself and my family.  I thought I had kept the secret better.  The empty lives, the sobbing little blonde child.  Darn her!  Darn that fat little candy crush brat!! She's ruining my life!!!  Why why why does she make it so hard...ok so I am her.  I'm the little mean girl, why why why why?

Why must I wake the yeti?  Why must I refill lemonade lake? Why must I do all the things I haven't gotten to yet and WHY is there jelly and some frosting looking crap in a candy factory?  IS it a factory or just one of the many levels of Dante's inferno?  I can't decide.  And why do some of the striped candies fly down whereas others just clear out the level that it's on?  I've paid attention to where the flip is and it varies.  It's like what would help you the most rarely happens when you REALLY need it too.

5 more moves!?  5 more moves?!  But I have 10 pieces of candy trapped in this weird clear jelly.  How can I get them all out?  Sometimes something odd happens and I accidentally finish a level with no clue how or why.  I feel a strange sense of pride or success, but it's just a game.  Am I addicted to Candy Crush saga? I've been a few days without playing it.  It wasn't that hard.  The first thing I did the night we got back was sneak out the computer and play Candy Crush.

I've actually spent money on it too!  I feel as sick and twisted as my son with his Xbox games.  I'm like Smeagol with the candy crush thing instead of the ring.  We must clears the jelly precious precious candy level.  We must flips the colors to get the chocolatey bomb thingy yes yes we must, the wrapped candy or striped candy will mix with us yes yes my precious candy.  Then we will clear the jelly and save you.

Now I am sure that I must be nuts....DARN this level has hazel nuts...ah nuts!

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