Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gay, gay or gay, also possibly gay

Gay, gay or gay Just because a person is gay doesnt mean they are required to be gay or gay. I know plenty of gay people who are neither gay nor gay. Some people profess to be gay but are seldom if ever gay, rarely gay and almost never gay. Most gay people I know are gay but not gay, despite the fact that they are gay.

The burgeoning trend toward shiftlessness and gaity has long vexed me. Why be gay and lax when so much remains to be done. It is possible to be gay while hard at work. I've worked with many gay people. Some were gay, gay and gay. Others yet were gay and gay. Some were just gay. Other colleagues were gay, but not gay thus they were never gay, gay, while being merely gay.

Which brings us to yet another gay. How dare some one act gay when they are not gay nor are they doing it gaily! They are gay acting with malice aforethought. Or they are gay in the 'that's so gay' mien. Which is most definitely NOT gay, but vile. Curses to those non gay, un-gay, and not gay gay, gay people.

If only everyone could be gay, perhaps feign gay until it becomes a habit, then the world would be a much gaier. What a gay time this has been. May you all have a gay day!

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