Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm being lame......(pun intended)

This is a non-event event.  It doesn't require you to go anywhere, buy anything, put yourself out...nothing.  Just simply be yourself, celebrate yourself in all your glory, honor someone else in word or deed.  If you can't commit to that day...then please try to commit to another day.  It really is uplifting, and gives new appreciation for simply feeling, being, doing what you can do.

Who?    You
What?   Come As You Are (nifty cool name of event)
When?   Feb 11 All day
Where?  Your own special spot on the globe
Why?     Because I never knew what I had until I found out I'd lost parts of it (got screwed up)

All of us has some ability we take for granted. Sight, sound, smell, touch, reading, walking, talking, etc.
This is important to me and I would like for you to take this day to revel in your own uniqueness, sameness or ability. Celebrate what you would like to celebrate about yourself and celebrate something you can do that someone else can't do in honor of them. Change can happen in a flash or slowly creep up and you just don't know what you have until it's celebrate yourself

sing a song and think of a friend
read a story with a blind friend in mind
tie your shoes in honor of a friend who can't
feel the grass on your toes for someone who can't
if you can afford to give something, donate a bag of food to a pantry
leave change in a vending machine
smile at someone
help someone reach something on a shelf
enjoy learning in school in honor of someone who doesn't have that luxury
pet a cat for a friend
bake something

Then do something totally selfish. Enjoy a favorite meal, dessert, movie, manicure, reward yourself for your uniqueness, quirkiness ...etc.

Since someone made fun of my desire to celebrate a life changing event I thought I would skip it this year.  I decided that we should all be grateful at least one day for something very mundane.  I’m doing it a week late, but it doesn’t really matter what day it happens as long we take the time to enjoy what we have.  

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