Thursday, August 23, 2012


Standing outside the candyshop window looking in.
I see rows of jewels arranged according to color in bins. They glitter and shine.
I see multicolored balls spirals and swirls of color on standing displays. Rainbows made solid or swirled in cloud.
Bins of wrapped caramels and toffees, gleam in gilt wrapping. Salt water taffy in waxed paper, its gay hues visible still.
Display cases festooned with chocolates of all types, divinity and seafoam wait expectantly. The fudge is center stage.
I have to go inside.
Where is the door?
I see shoppers, laughing, smiling, talking, buying.
I smell the sweet aroma!
I hear the words.
I hear the jingle of the bell as the shoppers enter and exit.
Why can't i find the door?
I see so many people pass me with candy.
I ask them how to get inside....they just keep walking. Wearing their coats while holding their umbrellas. They don't hear me or see me.
One little girl skips away, leaping in a puddle, her red boots covered in muck, her rain hat askew, clutching her lollipop chasing her brother. They are gone.
I notice i'm long has it been raining?

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