Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Fink, snitch, nark, rat fink.....whiny little tittie-baby.
I can not stand tattletales. 
People who phone the police over legitimate concerns, complaints, or for aid are never to be confused with tattletales.  Of course there is often abuse of the system, but that determination should be made by said police.....i digress
Rotten whiney tattletales!  Our state was finally allowed to sell and use fireworks.  This is a VERY new thing.  Like all new things, we play with them until bored, until accessories cost too much, or any number of personal reasons.  The city council in a blinding flash of wit, wisdom and zero input, decided to ban them in my city.  Wtf?  This is so inane and obtuse.  Somehow...(in a decicion affecting a static store in a slow economy and the populace of said town),  these self-important, blustering, buffoons take the onerous burden upon their feeble just ban fireworks in our city.   Thats it, no citywide input! 
This town has a habit of making annoying calls to the poor peons (myself included) everytime the prinipal of any school wipes his or her behind.  These peppy voices reminding you to do moronic things no one wants to do (hello?  Just charge a flat $20 per family and skip the crummy fund raisers!) invade our homes for MONTHS.  The overpaid lazy middleschool principal never can lift a phone to return a call.  Yet she bravely plods onward hiding her duplicitous face behind canned messages and a bloated salary.
Again i digress....
Honestly, how much could an automated phone system cost?  How much to record a message along the lines of,  "This message concerns the recent law permitting the sale and use of fire works.  This is Blowhard Buttkisser from your city council, we have noise concerns and are considering a ban on fireworks in our town.  To vote no on this ban, press vote yes on this ban, press 2."   How hard is it to put  together a message/ vote system like that?
Also...we have a noise ordinance.  I'm an insomniac...i was awake when teens were setting some smaller, yet loud, fireworks off at 2 am, in a crowded subdivision.  Not once did I see one single resident go out and ask them to stop.  Not once did I see a single police car.  No one truly confronted the problem.  No one even asked them to please stop.  This baffles me.  Total lily-livered cowardice.
So now, because no one in the city has the balls or mammaries,  to simply ask ppl if they would kindly refrain from loud fireworks at nught.  Perhaps suggest a daytime free-for all...we now have a ban.
Can anyone else see the absolute irony in this?  Please, by all means, do not speak to any neigbors....just call the city council.....but for heaven's sake, let's not do anything rash!! Or rational!
Tattletales!  Dont confront anyone!  Also, child molestors...worry not!  We have a tattler network, firmy entenched!
Good little masses.....just continue to follow me...please help yourselves to the kool-aid, put on this lovely brown  shirt, and armband...never mind the design on the arm band. 

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