Friday, April 6, 2012


Sadness is heavy

A yoke tied to dead weight;
It slows you, drops you, stops you.

It does not kill you, the makers mark, the trial by fire, the proofing;
Out you emerge, stronger, useful, different yet the same.

No longer a lump of clay, but a planter for new life, a vase to beautify your area, a plate to display with pride.
The loads we carry belong to us. We can choose to be held in stasis, or mold ourselves into the us we were meant to be.

Sadness is heavy, I can't carry that strong a weight, nor be bogged down carrying someone who is...
Sadness is heavy, feel the pain a while and let it go.

Sadness is the black pit you fall in to, the darkness of a cavern, deep like a canyon, yet strangely empty. 
Sadness envelops you, it works inside until you can't breathe. 

Defeating your sadness is laughter and planning. 
Some will like you some won't, those who don' confident in yourself.  People see others from the outside first then they see the inside.
 Make your inside beautiful or at least less dingy.


Anonymous said...

Why so sad?

Anonymous said...

Can you say why you are unhappy or was?

Anonymous said...

yes explain are you currently joyful and is someone the cause of you last blog? =)

Anonymous said...

I am a fan vicki .... would you please reply to the questions - when you have time? =)

I just can't shut up said...

It's merely a description of what sadness is. I'm not depressed/sad/ no one caused me to be upset. I of course have up's and down's just like anyone does. :) no worries all is good. Thanks for reading what I write.