Thursday, March 29, 2012


I feel my pulse quicken...My breathing becomes shallow.  My palms sweat.  I can't breathe fully.  I can't move fast enough, but it seems the world is in vertigo.  My mouth runs alternately moist and dry.  My head pounds..I can have more, it stops the pounding but the thirst and hunger only worsen.

I can drink water, it slakes the thirst but nothing cures the matter how much I just gets worse.  Then when the inevitable happens and I run out, I'm inconsolate.

The colors have tastes, the colors have smells, the colors the colors the colors!!!

It starts about mid March and lasts until at the VERY latest early April.

I am an addict.....

I am addicted to Jelly beans, Cadbury caramel eggs, Speckled Robin's eggs (malted milk balls), Bunny basket eggs, peeps, black jelly beans and several other Easter candies!!!!  I am addicted to the scent of Easter basket grass too and will often huff handfuls while filling a basket.

I've said it!!  I'm not ashamed!  I also like chocolate hollow bunnies, reese's peanut butter eggs, I miss those little green Russel Stover green coconut nests like nothing else.  I wept when they discontinued them or when they stopped carrying them or whatever....stupid candy facists!!!!

I am sitting here on the floor in my shame, surrounded by jelly beans, bunny basket eggs, speckled robin's eggs...the only reason I don't have any caramel eggs is.....I ATE THEM ALL!!!!

This time next month, you may not want to be too near me, unless you're holding...then I may frisk you for some peeps or something those bunny basket eggs!!  DARN them and their candy coated marshmallow goodness....

I need some pepto now :(

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Anonymous said...

Now I understand why you celebrate Greek Easter as well. I thought it was because you loved me...........but nooooo it's because you are addicted. That's I am calling Betty Ford, this is the last time your problem will hurt me or anyone else.......

Hmmmmmmmmm they didn't take me seriously