Thursday, March 1, 2012

Red faced

The things we do for friends sometimes embarrass us in ways that ultimately force growth and a new awareness on us.
I've been blessed with some amazing friends this past year.  Friends who've lit a winding rutted out path for me.  My path is fairly easy in the scheme of the wild and beautiful rainbow that is life.  I can't name names at the risk of leaving someone out.  I treasure so many of you!  I'm sorry I met many of you the way I did, but so grateful you're in my life, if only for a while.  I hope we make the most of each other and don't leave things unsaid.  I read a story about a Blogger who decided life was no longer worth living.  My heart ached for her.  I felt bad that she didn't have friends to torture with bad song links, friends to laugh with over body malfunctions, friends to virtually hug and hold her hand, friends so deeply entrenched even though they might never meet. Friends you love enough to embarrass yourself for by sharing things you wouldn't just to make them laugh or smile.
That's what so many of you have become to me.  The friends I can tell things to, the friends who know I get blue but don't see it.  The friend who lowers my guard so I end up sending silly recorded songs and or readings to (bless your ears my dear)  The friends who laugh with and about body malfunctions and send me sleuthing.  The friends who assure me I will survive the teens with a son alive.
I will embarrass myself anytime for loved ones like you!  I might be red faced with nerves at first but soon the nerves give way to tears of laughter, then we're both red faced.....thank you my zany, creative, cuddly, smiling, Skype-ing, pantsless, wobbling, rolling, limping, dancing, and all together normal friends and family.


Anonymous said...

#1...You're welcome, and thank you too! :)

Anonymous said...

Ggggrrrrrrrr here we go again.......