Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I never never never thought in my wildest preteen and early teen life that I would be swearing at inanimate objects on a regular basis, shaking inanimate objects and expecting them to work better or fighting with my own body for possession of movement.

How how how can a computer just all of a sudden decide it doesn't want to be connected to the internet even though nothing has changed?  Some stupid screen flashes telling you it's safe to unplug something and won't go away, I click it then all of a sudden the wireless receiver is no longer plugged in even though it's still plugged in.  I didn't ask it to not do wireless receiving things.  I didn't say, "gee you poor wireless usb thingy, please rest now and no longer leave me connected"  I didn't agree to time off or a vacation day.  I just decided to stop.  I unplugged it and plugged it back in again.
When my darling teenage son was 2 or three he had a screaming hissy fit to "UNPLUG IT AND PLUG IT BACK IN AGAIIIIIIIN!!" about his nightlight.  I now use that tactic when things are just not computing right.  It worked and online banking was saved! Yay.
Now onto the cell phone.  I have the lovely data plan.  I am often seen standing there shaking the stupid phone like it's an etch a sketch.  I'm not sure why I do this.  Maybe I'm hoping the ashes of the damned living in my etch a sketch phone will somehow contact an ethereal presence and make my phone do phone things faster.  Either that or it's a recessive trait that we shake things to make them work.
While this is going on my body is rebelling at doing the things it should do, such as move forward at the same pace.  After careening into a table shaking my phone I have decided I can't do two things at once.  I've known for a year I can't do two things at once.  I yell at my son for his intelligent response "I fergot" yet here is Mommy trailblazing through the kitchen and falling into things because she "fergot"

Stupid computer!!!

What price sanity???

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Anonymous said...

Family trait we "ferget" we cannot walk and do something at the same time. No matter whether our bodies are rebelling against us or not, we were just not born to do that! Huge bruise on my knee serves as a painful reminder, but no worries I will "ferget" as soon as it quits hurting! ;)