Friday, February 3, 2012

5025600 miners

I was going to be philosophical and deep....but autocorrect had other ideas.  It filled in miners for the word minutes.   :)
That's just one of many insignificant things I've had to adapt to this year.  One little year, one long year.  This year has taught me that life is fleeting, grab on and hold on for the ride.  Run as fast as you can for the happiness in life.
Life is so full of bitterness, ugliness, strife, envy, hatred, the list goes on.  I think if we stop the world, our portion of it at least, and really take a good look at it.  That what we run on the endless hamster wheel to catch, is actually right in front of us.  We just need to stop the wheel and go to it.
My hamster wheel hasn't been that fast or functional this year.  I've had to find other ways to catch up....ways such as slowing down.  I'm roughly as energetic as a wet sock (I would have said noodles, but they move around, at least some, with the boiling water.  Another way has been to let go of some control.  I've tried to be more patient with myself.
There are many positives to slowing down.  More time to notice little things, more eye contact, more smiles, grass, flowers, leaves, birds.
Physically I'm still playing the back and forth game.  It will most likely always be this way.  I am working on things. It's a bit slow and awkward sometimes.  I'm working on learning to 'read' myself too. 
All I can say is....thank you to all of you who've stood by and or sat beside me through this.  Many of you don't know me. But still I thank you all.

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Anonymous said...

I love you!