Sunday, October 9, 2011


****WARNING***** There is one DISGUSTING but non naughty photo on here*****

This probably should be under 'complicated lives'...but I decided to take a bit of a complicated break, at least until I can decide which complicated life to share next!!
So this is funny things said,

"seems like life is going too fast and death is closing in" ~said by a friend the day before my birthday

"the apple orchards are all full today"~ funny because.... of the next text

"...did you know it's apple season?"

"would you like cream in both of those?" ~ordering 2 coffee's with cream

"would you like sugar in both of them? Oh so you wanted sugar in one? Ok so you want cream and sugar in both? Ok so you want cream in both and sugar in one?" ~ ordering 2 coffee's with cream one with sugar...yes we do keep going to the same coffee house!

Photos of oddness!!

Seen in a bathroom of a wonders...
Did he buy new underwear?
Why did he leave these on the floor?
Why did he throw them away?
Is he wearing any underwear?
Did he stay with boxers or go with briefs?
Did he hate his underwear this much??

Is he friends with this guy??vvvv

I don't even want to guess what sick mind did this or why!!!
This was at an elementary school football field!!
I really hope this guy had a spare pair....yucky and disgusting but I had to share.

especially with the boon of the underwear on the floor photograph!!

Ugly finds at the antique store!!
Waaay less gross

This look sooo much like a Monchichi if you remember those.

Monchichi Monchichi oh so soft and cuddly....this little gem is a bank with a slit in the back of the head for coins!! Yes it is flocked!!

These are puppets from Mexico!!

The girl kind of looks like Frida.

The guy a bit like a Chihuahua. He also has little guitar I missed getting in the's in his dangling left arm.

Cats the world over are sobbing with this artwork in the world.

this is a chalk art cat, it deserved so much more...

These are just garish, large and I don't know what they are for!

That photo you can barely see on the wall is 8X10
so these babies are large!!

This is is also completely carved out larger-than-life 3-D

I'm sure this was seriously good stuff at one point and probably still is....but it just scares me.

I hope you have enjoyed my disgusting little photo exposé. My husband gets credit for the bathroom underwear photo. They don't like my kind in men's rooms!

I also hope you enjoyed the weird antique store finds.

My life is completely complicated and twisted, so I'm sure I have more complicated lives in me!!

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Eve said...

hahahahaha! Great one Vicki! I love those two big white things, (peacocks?) in the antique store...I would actually purchase something like that, I'm just that tacky! lol! The underwear and the shit toilet are really gross....what the hell is the matter with people?! I've worked in restaurants for ages and it always amazes me what people do in public bathrooms! I've had to clean shit off the walls of just about every bathroom in every restaurant I've worked in...people are sick and disgusting!
I love the quotes...I have one to do with coffee...a friend of mine and I were in a restaurant and the waitress came and as she was giving us the menus she said, "Coffee for the two 'a youse?"....we laughed like hell...and we had cream in both of those!
Thanks for the laugh Vicki! Hope you're feeling well these days.