Thursday, September 15, 2011

Complicated Lives.....Part 24

It's the pits

In post 21 I mentioned garbage pits. Some of you may not know what a garbage pit here's a brief description of ours...or the one we most often excavated.

I was a young lass....5....I had enjoyed controlled play before. Sandbox, tonka trucks to hit friends with, a swingset, barbie stuff, dolls to play with, Mama's old dresses, kitchen set...etc. Outside play was largely confined to the swingset, sandbox, garden, neighbor's trees, play house...etc

We moved to Florida and I had this magic thing called...."cousins". Cousins got you in trouble, had your back, threw things at your back, climbed trees, tricked you into doing stupid things and most dirty!! With REAL yard dirt.

Aside from playing in junked cars, jumping from trees with blocks and hopping off woodpiles, we decided to build a 'fort' we built it on the "Indian burial mound" well that's what we called it at least. It was bordered by 3 smallish Chinaberry trees. We had a wooden front with a crawl through door. I got the old bathroom curtain vinyl with blue and silver flowers (1970 elegant) to use as our curtain on the cut out window. We used a pillowcase for the door I think. As we set up house, I was the Mommy, next oldest cousin was the Daddy and youngest was the baby...also our test product...I told you about this in the junked cars post. Testers were important. In this case we used the youngest because the two cousins I was playing with were brothers and the oldest brother always tells the youngest what to do. In finding supplies for the fort and test products to was no fun to get house stuff we had to scavenge for things. Thus...the garbage pit.

There was a flat dirt spot in front of my house. Mama was going to plant flowers there. I wanted to plant something tasty, Mama was mad that it was sand and SWORE nothing grew in sand...I guess all the grass, blackberries and other things were nothing because I immediately believed that nothing grew in sand because MAMA SAID SO!!!

When I asked naively where we were going to find 'things' my cousin said...the 'old garbage pit' dumb bunny. I asked 'what's a garbage pit?' it's the 'garbage pit dumb bunny' was my answer. 'ok' clear as mud now!!
We went to the front of my house...'where's the garbage pit idiot?' "right there dumb bunny." indicating the dirt spot....
We commenced to digging with my hoe, shovel and pitchfork. We soon uncovered treasures untold!!! Rusty cans, broken upper 10 bottles, broken perfume bottles, a whole perfume bottle!! PAY DIRT! I opened it to sniff smelled horrible like old alcohol and old lady...we put some on the youngest. Then we found some of his old baby food (he was about 3 so it was oooold) we opened it, it smelled like something dead...we poked a stick in it, and sniffed the stick. It still smelled bad. We tried to get him to eat some, he refused. "ok" my 'husband' and I said in unison...both with that evil gleam. We continued digging and found more rusty cans, and broken things...we got cut and wiped the blood on each other's clothes.

We took some treasures back to our fort. I was home with the baby...Daddy had gone 'shopping' and came home with the baby food. We tied the baby to his 'high chair' (tree) and tried our hardest to feed him. That little sucker could fight!! We got mad and rubbed some on his face anyway. It smelled like what I think hades might smell like. We put the lid on and decided to hide it and smell it more later. The 'baby' started to scream and since we didn't want to get spanked we untied him and let him go...tittie baby, tattle tale told on us anyway!!

so, now you know what a garbage pit is....

We also went ditch fishing for old toys...maybe we'll talk about that later

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