Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Complicated Lives.....Part 23

Who’s your Mama

Complicated lives are a bit like an onion…many layers. Or they are like soup everything kind of thrown in there.

What happens when someone goes to the hospital if they lead a complicated life?? Glad you asked. 4 people are in the waiting room…3 women and a child. The ages are 13, 26, and 39….sisters and two kids?? Guess again. Is it Mom two kids and a friend? Nope, not yet…give up???Great grandma, grandma, mom and baby!!! Ding ding we have a winner!

What’s more complicated?…Daddy, Pepaw and Grand Pepaw show up….

He sits down next to the baby.

His wife joins them…Baby’s Auntie sits down next to Great Grandma.

The baby’s Auntie is also his step Mom, and cousin.

The baby’s uncle/ brother shows up because he was married to Auntie before she married Daddy but after they had his brother which is now also technically his uncle and possibly second cousin…it’s getting a bit confusing now…

Daddy’s Mom comes in who is now his Grandma by marriage so that makes him his own uncle doesn’t it??? I can’t keep it straight.

This is not the south…it is a northern town…what do you think people do all winter when we’re snowed in?!

They start filling out paperwork and it gets even more complicated because no one is actually sure what to put down under the family diseases section. His Dad has mental illness, but that also falls under grandpa and great grandpa, so is it immediate or not? He may not even really be the Daddy but his name is on the birth certificate. His Mom suffers from a heart condition but is it his mom, cousin or sister because there have been other changes due to marriages. Grandma has that dodgy liver from the shine she used to drink, but that probably isn’t hereditary, but is she considered an alcoholic?? Great Grandma used to smoke pot but that probably isn’t a drug addiction…her teeth fell out from the meth anyway. His brother has schizophrenia, but does it count as brother or as uncle???

They get called back before they all finish arguing over the paperwork…Baby has a fever and a very nasty cold…he’s almost well by the time they finish the paperwork.

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