Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Complicated Lives…part 19

Can you hear me now?? have one, you know you do; that one friend constantly calling and telling or texting you the most bizarre things. Maybe you have two or three..perhaps they are your kin. There is no escape especially in the world of cell phones. It is almost like picking a scab, opening a scary looking box or scratching a mosquito bite, you know you will regret it but you just HAVE to look and see what insanity is happening now. Time and time again you swear you won't get sucked in, but each and every time you do and three hours later it seems like just that little bit of your soul is gone. You want your minutes back but you know you can’t have them back. They’re gone, kind of like that glob of toothpaste stuck in the sink.

You hear your phone buzz pitifully at four clock in the morning and know there's some new crisis. Lately I've been lucky and the drama has been quiet. It has given me time to reflect on the fact that I have some delightfully crazy friends! Part of me wants to check in and see how they are doing, part of me wants to let sleeping dogs lie, yet another part knows deep down they’re slamming me behind my back (gee who would do something like that talk about a friend like on a blog or something?? how rude) and still another part knows their lives have grown even more complicated simply because I know them....

Concentrating on Scooter (because I know he doesn't read my blog) his life has been complicated for 40 years or more. Everything is always someone else's fault, or everyone is out to get him, or he just hasn't ever had a break, or everyone else has had it so much easier, but absolutely no one deserves the success they have

I haven't heard from Scooter in months, but did have a horrible dream about him last night. I dreamt he had a girlfriend 40 years younger than he is and that they came to live with us. That is quite frightening; also a dark possibility. In this dream Scooter had lost his house, cars, clothes… Pretty much all he had were debts, a 20 something-year-old girlfriend, a pile of excuses for not working, and a bicycle. He arrived at our house on a bicycle, wearing a sheepish grin, and salvaged Army fatigues. Sadly the dream seemed quite real. The last time we talked to Scooter he called and left a nasty message telling us to stay out of this life because he was sticking with his hooker girlfriend. He was not going to get a full-time job, and was going to continue dodging his bills. His hooker girlfriend really is a hooker and she shared a venereal disease with him at least once.

Giving a nod to someone else I'm fairly sure doesn't read my blog...I also have another friend who thinks God is punishing him because he's cheating on his wife. He has four little girls, has been married about 16 years and pretends to be a very upstanding, moralistic person. He fell and broke his arm while he was drunk heading out for a tryst. He had surgery on his arm to fix it, but refused to push himself in therapy. His arm is now much weaker than the other one; he took a simple injury and turned it into something cataclysmic just to get sympathy because his life was a mess. His life is still a mess, but now his arm doesn't work either. The lady he was having an affair with just got married herself to an older handsome man. He was so desperate to try and continue their relationship that he invited them both over for celebratory drinks. It was a party of four, two husbands two wives! I have no idea what he was thinking inviting them or what she was thinking when she accepted. Pretty complicated! Also very awkward!! I am so thankful I'm a boring blabbermouth


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I just can't shut up said...

I do have Facebook, but I'm not cool enough to Twitter.