Monday, July 18, 2011

Complicated Lives....part 9

Are they all like that?

Ok, a friend of mine decided to go to an “undisclosed location” this will be known as UL. While in the UL (not West Virginia at all BTW... so stop bagging on them!) she discovered a phenomena called ‘inbreeding’. She and I both thought that inbreeding only occurred in a few places in the US and possibly in remote locations where planes crash and family members run amok knowing they will never be rescued and populate the island. I digress.

Within the first week she met 2 sisters, one expecting and one with two children. One of the children was by her first cousin Lenny. She told my friend “oh he was a terrible choice I won’t ever do that again!”. My friend was in shock and had more moonshine. The other sister was smiling and said “well he’s good to me”. My friend then realized that the ‘boyfriend’ this girl was living with was the same first cousin!! While my friend was up there she discovered that this cousin had sewn wild oats with MANY of the family members and a few second cousins as well.

There is a great deal of mental illness in this family but no one seems to know why. I think I may have the answer but I don’t want to go getting all judgmental. I haven’t seen the cousin myself so he may be a really good catch especially in that area of the country. He doesn’t actually have a job, but he does get a food stamp card, and he has Medicaid, and possibly social security disability for his mental illness. His mental illness makes it impossible to work especially since he won’t take medicine for it because it makes him feel weird.

This was many months ago, Lenny and Kate had their baby and I am pleased to report that it has only one head, 2 eyes, all the fingers and toes in all the right spots and so far seems normal. My friend fled the area before the birth so she only has this on verbal and photo confirmation. Hopefully the little boy isn’t hiding a tail anywhere or horns. I have heard no reports of a demon child being born in UL but anything can happen.

She left wondering if all small towns in remote areas were like that. I've lived in quite a few small towns and it's probably happening everywhere...I just know I keep to myself for a reason.

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Eve said...

Another great post Vicki! I'm really enjoying your 'complicated life' series! Sounds like you'd need moonshine to visit these people! So, the two sisters both had children with their first cousin? Sounds great! Was there a living room full of people chanting "Jerry! Jerry!"? lol!
You've got the right idea keeping to yourself....I think that's the best way to go!