Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I swear I thought that's what they said!!

Never Tear us Apart
Don't ask me what you know is true
Don't have to tell you I love your precious heart
I, I was standing you were there
to wear the niiiight out and they could never tear us apart!!!

Major Tom
4-3-2-1 Earth beams no one
drifting falling
your team wages
falling calling hoooome

Land Down Under
Do you come from the land down under
where women grow amid plunders

Purple Rain
I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any shame
I only wanted to see some kind of loving
I only want milk of magnesia in the purple rain

Mr. Roboto
Double my tomato (not Mr. Roboto
Double Double

Crocodile Rock
Crah rockin the sound is rockin and the beat just can't keep still
never knew it a thousand times and I guess I never will
Crah rockin Friday nights
and suzy was dressed up tight
Crah rockin is outta sight la la la la la la

Me and Bobby Mcgee
busted flat in baton rouge
waitin for a train
feelin you was faded as my jeans
bobby thumbed a diesel down in the pourin rain
rode us all the way to new orleans

i pulled my heart through my dirty red bandanna
fading soft while bobby sang the blues
windshield wipers turpentine holding bobby's hand in mine

Beat it
Pick totem don't you ever come around here
don't wanna see my face you better disappear
the fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear
so beat it just beat it

beat it beat it beat it
no one wants to be defeated
show em it's not funky
show em it's just fright
it doesn't matter whose wrong or right just beat it

Those are but a few of my many many many misheard and loudly sung lyrics. The 1980's were an odd time for many. Unless the tape you purchased had the lyrics included or the album had the lyrics on the cover, you were out of luck for learning lyrics. I remember laboriously listening to the line of a song, stopping the tape, writing the lyrics, starting the tape, stopping the tape, writing the get the idea. Learning the real words was hard work! Of course you had to do it or look stupid. I looked stupid for the songs I didn't have tapes to transcribe the lyrics from. We had an underground for lyrics, we'd pass them around along with the copied tapes...(yes there was a world pre-bootleg) We'd whisper who had what tapes, or who had lent out tapes and lost them. Once I committed the ultimate sin and lent a friend's tape to another friend. The friend never returned the tape and my friend got mad at me so I had to go buy another tape, but not that same tape because it really belonged to someone else entirely and she was a real jerk so I had to buy another tape my friend that was a mouthful!!

I thank the internet gods and goddesses for lyrics websites and also for making me aware of all the misheard lyrics I've sung...there are so many more!! My son is now proudly carrying on the traditon


Dj Dj Joe
Little woodchips that slam
in the back of my dracula

Sadly there might never be anymore misheard lyrics from him aside from Move Chemical (smooth criminal). Poor deprived child has the internet to look up lyrics and the sound quality is much better on cd's. That is until they get scratched 5 minutes after you purchase them. Tapes in the 80's were somehow indestructible. They could be left in players for days, left in the sun, get moldy, get crimped, get tossed out car windows in a fit of lover's rage...but still the soldered on playing for us such magical melodies as Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me. Vacation. She Bop, Karma Chameleon......ah I miss the 80's

I'm a lover in your eyes all the way
when i see your wicked world i want to say
i'm a man with out attention
i'm a man who doesn't know
how to play the competition
they string along they string along

comma comma comma chameleon
you come and go
you come and go
lovers would be easy
if your covers were like my dreams
red cold and green red cold and green

ah that music really rocked!!


Eve said...

What about Jimi Hendrix..." 'scuse me while I kiss this guy..' lol! I have a lot of misheard lyrics too! The '80's did have some awesome music, that's for sure!
And do you remember the '60's song 'Secret Agent Man'? For years it sounded to me like Johnny Rivers was singing 'Secret Asian Man' lol!
Hope you're well Vicki!

I just can't shut up said...

Ah yes Eve I am as insane as ever!! :) I'm well and pretty excited now

Eve said...

Remain insane, it's the only way to be, lol! You must be excited about your vacation!